Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Buggin' Challenge # 10 Just Bling It!

Hello All! Yesterday, to say the least was crazy! I did want to participate in the Just Buggin' Challenge #10-Just Bling It! Wait, I have to correct that -my daughter Lilli had an assignment to disguise a turkey and she wanted to add some BLING to it. Got this fabulous idea from my friend Krissa(Kreations by Krissa-check her awesome blog out)-that she used her Paperdolls Dress UP cartridge to disguise her daughter's turkey last year! So, Lilli wanted to do a combination of the fairy/angel with the ballerina. We(yes, we) cut the ballerina dress at 5" real dial size twice out of some pink vellum paper,cut the crown and ballet shoes out of grey at 2" real dial size then sprinkled some glitter from MS. The wings were cut at 5 1/2" real dial size(that turkey was plump!) then made a copy of the turkey, cut it out then laid the wings on the original sheet then place the cut out turkey on top to make it appear that the wings were behind the turkey...I mean fairy! *wink*

I had a couple more ideas that I hope to finish for the Bling It challenge today too! I have to say I really enjoy these challenges it gets me to use my cricut!! I even got my friend Krissa to participate in the fun!! Thanks Just Buggin'!

Hope(and Lilli)


  1. What a great idea! You and Lilli did a wonderful job! The turkey is too cute!

  2. That has to be the most fabulous turkey I have seen!! Great job!
    Just Buggin'

  3. LOVE your Turkey...I mean Fairy *wink*. You are so creative!! Love ya friend!!

  4. What a cute little "fairy" and I am sure it is a moment you and your little lady will remember for a long time to come.

  5. that is too cute! My daughter had to do that project last year it is so funny to see all the turkeys dressed up in disguises. We made ours an Indian.

  6. That is great!! What a creative way to use your carts!